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5 Types of Surveys

I. Consumer Satisfaction Surveys:

  1. Customer Satisfaction Survey
  2. Post Visit Patient Satisfaction Survey

II. Client Satisfaction Surveys for Business to Business Services:

       B2B Client Satisfaction Survey

III. Surveys for Product Quality:

  1. Net Promoter Score Survey
  2. App and Product Feedback Survey
  3. Purchase Feedback Survey
  4. Software Evaluation Survey

IV. Internal HR Surveys

  1. Coronavirus Leadership Check-In
  2. Employee Engagement Survey  
  3. Employee Performance Survey
  4. Working From Home Check-In Survey
  5. 360-degree Employee Evaluation Survey
  6. Training Course Evaluation Survey

V. Concept Testing and Validation Surveys

  1. New Product or Service Survey
  2. New Video Survey
  3. New Ad Survey

Before deciding on a survey consider the following:

What is your research goal?

3rdPartyResearch begins with your goal. We can help you clarify your goal(s) with preliminary research. Sometimes preliminary research will show the way to the best insights.

We partner with our clients to analyze your needs and goals thoroughly at the start to get the most valuable results.

Your research will go through the six stage process of: analyze, plan, implement, review, adjust plan, strategic road mapping ideas report. The stages can be sequential or iterative depending on the engagement.


Next Steps…

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