Our Approach

We take a 360 approach to your research. We research from every relevant angle. Our uniquely engaging approach is being used for:

  1. Bringing new business prospect inquiries
  2. Employee engagement
  3. Customer relationship building

Our Story

We love research and finding insights. Insights are treasures for our clients and we live to enrich your business with the most valuable insights we can find for you.

We have combined experience of more than 100 years in market research and insight management. We have created proprietary processes that set our clients apart and ahead of their competition.

  1. Our lead generation for high ticket item process, that we call “the microwave” because it is lower cost and higher speed than a conventional system, enables rapid growth and constant steady growth once a plateau has been reached after aiming for a particular growth goal.
  2. We do offer traditional systems that our proprietary processes complement or can be a stand alone substitute for depending on our clients needs. Traditional systems include website design, development, SEO, analytics, email campaigns, content management, traffic and demand generation, website monitoring and analysis, SEM, PPC,social media management, earned and paid for media, event management, webinars, tradeshows, promotional events, editorial calendars, speaking engagements and custom plans for infrastructure of marketing, PR, inside and outside sales integration with referrals and revenue growth.
  3. As part of the conventional services, we We set up, integrate, train and can manage as desired, automated marketing with CRMs such as Salesforce, Sugar, Zoho ,and more, with Infusionsoft, Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua, Genius, Pardot, and more.
  4. We offer a proprietary appointment making approach that we call “the Silver Bullet method” for ‘celebrity’ executives that are ultra hard to reach, works like nothing else.
  5. Our proprietary engagement approaches for employees enable us to offer a few benefits that build employee engagement and save businesses an average of 30% on healthcare costs while increasing engagement. We work with a physician to provide this engaging benefit.

Contact Jeannie Lewis at jlewis@3rdpartyresearch.net for more information.